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Reviews from Take 5 Bodywork Clients

Best All-Around!

---Connie P.

"This is the best massage therapist I've found in Santa Barbara.  Not only is she adept at addressing my pain issues, but her therapeutic touch far excels just being able to apply deep pressure.  Many massage therapists work deeply and locally to address pain, but they neglect to blend soothing, nurturing and balancing touch in their technique.  Suzanna, however, is wonderfully skilled at making even the most therapeutic and deep massage a flowing, relaxing, and ultimately all-around beneficial experience."

"Suzanna Young is an amazing Massage Therapist. Over the last two years she has made a huge difference in the way I feel physically and mentally as well.  I used to suffer from chronic headaches and neck pain.  Since I started getting treatment from Suzanna, my problem has improved dramatically. Her knowledge of her work and skill level is truly second to none. That's why she is Super Suzanna to me :)"           

                                                                  --- John M.

"After a week of pain, the morning after the massage, I woke up with NO pain! Can't thank you enough for accommodating my need for lots of bolsters and pillows, but mostly for your knowledge of the body, and your ability to make me feel great. On my way for a walk, with no pain in my hips....!"      --- Jane C.

"After suffering a rupture to my right Achilles Tendon and having surgery to repair it, I was 3 months into my recovery when I slipped and fell off of my crutches while out to dinner. The following day, I was in such excruciating pain and nauseated from a Tension Headache. I phoned any past massage therapist for an 'emergency' massage to no avail. I then turned to the Body Therapy Institute who was able to fit me in with a past graduate of theirs; this was Suzanna Young. Upon arriving for my massage, I could barely move and had an incredible headache. 
     Suzanna healed me. Her massage and techniques are exceptional in relieving tension and sore muscles. I continued on with Suzanna during my second pregnancy which caused me much sciatica pain and Suzanna was able to relieve me of these pains as well. I now am happy to say that I can call upon her for pure relaxation. 
     Each time I get off the table from having a massage with Suzanna, I feel completely relaxed and 110% better than before the session. You are sure to leave happy and relaxed after having a massage from Suzanna!!!"      
                               --- Teri Green

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