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Licensed Massage Therapist

We frequently implement a variety of techniques from various bodywork modalities
to provide you a customized massage according to your needs and preferences. 
Below are descriptions of some of these modalities.  For actual services offered, please click here.

For rates, please proceed to booking.  (You won't have to commit to an appointment.)
 Deep Tissue Massage
addresses a variety of orthopedic conditions including trigger points (see below), muscle tightness and inbalances, pain, and limited range of motion.  Despite the name of this modality, pressure is applied only to the depth perceived to be therapeutic and clients generally report deep relaxation benefits.

Trigger Point Therapy
Trigger points--small contraction "knots" in muscle tissue--are responsible for roughly 75% of physical pain and are involved, at least in part, in virtually every structural pain problem including frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, low back pain, sports and repetitive strain injuries, accident trauma and more.  Applied techniques include direct pressure, friction, and kneading of tender muscles.  This technique is often combined with Deep Tissue Massage but treatment can be applied through loose, comfortable clothing as well.

Orthopedic Sports Massage addresses a variety of injuries, range of motion limitations, and postural conditions including piriformis syndrome ("mock sciatica"), Upper Crossed Syndrome ("hunchback"), Lower Crossed Syndrome ("swayback"), and whiplash, to name a few.

Barefoot Sports Massage is a great way to get deep relief for tight, aching muscles.  The client lays comfortably on a mat while pressure is applied by the feet to eliminate deep-seated trigger points and chronic tension. This deeply relaxing technique is great for athletes!  Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to your session.
 Reiki (pronounced "RAY-key") is Japanese for "Universal Life Force Energy."  This gentle, therapeutic touch promotes the healing process by transferring electromagnetic energy, clearing blockages, and enhancing deep relaxation.  Session may incorporate crystals as needed.  Full-hour sessions are available, or Reiki may be incorporated with other modalities.

There are more than 7,000 nerve endings in each foot which correspond to all parts of the body, including organs and glands.  Working on specific points in the hands and feet, stress and tension melt from the body; circulation and lymphatic flow are improved; and nerve impulse pathways can be unblocked--all helping the body heal itself by restoring balance to the vital energies.


Thai Massage
Derived from the Hatha Yoga system, Thai massage incorporates acupressure applied to meridian pathways, compression of muscle tissue, and assisted stretching to leave the recipient feeling peaceful, centered, and energized.  Please wear loose or stretch clothing.

Swedish Relaxation Massage enhances circulation and digestive processes, relieves tension and fatigue in muscles, releases toxins, and promotes the body's natural healing process.  Even a gentle Swedish massage helps beats pain

 Lymphatic Drainage
This oil-based massage is designed to remove toxins from the body that can cause a variety of symptoms and diseases.  This massage focuses largely on clearing and toning the digestive system, awakening lymph nodes to proper functioning, and reducing edema (water retention).  Energetic therapy is also utilized to support the body's processing of the work.


Prenatal Massage 
Enjoy your pregnancy without all the aches and pains!  Benefits of a prenatal massage may include reduction of stress; increased blood and lymph circulation; reduced water retention; relief from tension and musculo-skeletal strain; facilitation of respiratory, gastrointestinal, and hormonal processes; and development of kinesthetic awareness to support the active birthing process.
      If you are pregnant, please be sure you receive massage only from practitioners legitimately certified in Prenatal or Pregnancy Massage!

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